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Zergpool Frequently Asked Questions

What is zergpool mining pool service?

Zergpool is autoexchange pool where you direct your hashpower to an algorithm and the pool selects which coins are most profitable to mine for you based on best price on a market and current network difficulty to find a block. However you can also select particular coin to mine withing any of algorithms. Refer to Option 2 mining on Setup page

What is reward distribution method zergpool uses?

We are using PROP(proportional) method of reward distribution, based on shares miners contributed. Additionally, shares submitted during last 7 minutes prior found block are being reused for next block reward calculation, encouraging more long lasting mining.

When and how do I get paid ?

BTC payouts are made automatically every 24h for all balances above 0.0015 every day, or if network fees are low enough payments are sent more frequently(every 4h). All the rest coins payouts are made automatically every 4 hours. We also have a concept of guaranteed and non-guaranteed payouts coins, where non-guaranteed are paid from amounts pool finds only, and never buy on a market. More details on this topic on dedicated Payouts page

How to configure Awesome Miner to payout in coin other than BTC?

- Go to AwesomeMiner webpage and install it
- Select "New Miner" and click 'Profit Managed Miner'
- Select Nvidia or AMD as applicable for your rig ('Next' through the rest we'll take care of that in a moment)
- After that go to Options>Online Services>Highlight all pools you want to mine from, choose Zergpool
- Click ‘Bulk Edit’ after highlighting them all (SHIFT+click and CTRL+click come in real handy)
- Check ‘Update Password’ and enter ‘c=DOGE’
- Go to ‘Profit Switching’ and enter your Dogecoin address into the appropriate fields after checking the boxes next to your pool(s), in this instance ZergPool
- Start the miner

Can I set other non-BTC wallet as my payout address?

Yes, we support payouts in many currencies. Use c=SYMBOL as part of password setting of your miner to define what currency exactly is your wallet address.
More details on Payouts page

Why doesn’t my minted coins been exchanged instantly? Why do my real earnings sometimes differ from estimates?

Your minted coins are traded on exchange as you would do it yourself; so your real earnings will depend on many factors, such as:
1. Maturity time. Coins need time to mature before they get into exchange. Some need dozens of confirmation to mature. Others need hundreds of it. This usually takes 2-4 hours (could be longer though), depends on coin design.
2. Time to reach minimum exchange threshold. If too few coins are put into exchange they cant be traded, as exchange has minimum trade amount.
3. Time to wait for the trade. There can be no orders for too many coins, so coins can be stuck at exchange as nobody wants to buy them.
4. During coins maturing and waiting at exchange, prices can be fluctuate (sudden drops are possible). That can cause flat or ‘dipped’ earnings graphs and finally less real earnings.
If you mint altcoins by yourselves, you will encounter same problems. Our pool saves a lot of time and effort, as you don’t have to face all of these problems. We also try to eliminate risky coins.

Why don't I get paid or my payment got stuck?

You most probably haven’t reached payout threshold (check your *Balance* amount). Please continue mining.
If threshold is reached (balance is showing correct amount), wait for the payout schedule. You can see the payout time at the right top of pool web site (there is "Next Payout At: ......" text)
If threshold is reached and still no payout transaction after the payout schedule, please contact support.

I want to try other mining pools, but I have a balance on Zergpool that is below the minimum payout. What happens to my funds?

Your funds are still there up to 12 months without any mining activity at Zergpool.
Please be aware that we clean up database after 12 months of mining inactivity. That means, every time you mint in Zergpool again, the '12 months' counter will be reset.
However, in order to get paid, you need to mint until (*balance* amount) payout threshold is reached.

Should I state my payout wallet address? Where should I put it in miners command line/config?

Yes, you should always state the symbol of your payout coin in "p" or "password" option field, with "c=" in front of your payout coin symbol.
For example : -p c=BTC
--password c=BTC
Please make sure the coin symbol in CAPS (*CAPITAL LETTERS*) like BTC,LTC,LUX,BTX,GBX.
Please make sure you put the correct coin symbol!!

What happens if I forget to set -p c=XXX in bat/config, and mine into my altcoin address?

It may happen your coin address will be (incorrectly) registered as Bitcoin address in our database. Just change it to the one you want and it will get corrected by pool in 15 mins.

What other optional commands can I put in "p" or "password" option field (besides the mandatory payout coin symbol)?

You check all possible configuration options using Setup page.

Should I set difficulty manually?

It really depends on the algo you mined and the miners recommendation. But we recommend using pools Auto-diff(vardiff), so you don't need to set any difficulty manually.

I want to mint a coin directly without any automatic exchange. How should I do that?

You need to set “-p c=XXX,mc=XXX” parameter (*no spaces except for space after -p*). Change the XXX to the coin symbol in CAPS (*CAPITAL LETTERS*) like BTC,LTC,LUX,BTX,GBX. Please refer to “Advanced mining modes: option 2” at pool web site for detailed instructions.
Please be aware that all confirmed blocks would shown as "Exchange". These are not really exchange; just a buffer time for about several hours. It would be cleared very soon.

For better profit, should I include "mc=" to specify coin to be minted in an algo?

Use "mc=" only when intend to mine that specific coin for some reasons (want to keep that coin, etc.); not when we want to hunt the best immediate profit from coins in that algo.
However if you want to profit switching among specific multiple coins in an algo, you can set more than one coin symbol in “mc=”.
Set "-p c=,mc=///...." (*no spaces except for space after -p*)
For example : -p c=BTC,mc=XVG/MLM (only the two coins to mined)

What’s the best way to pick algorithm to mine? Should I sort the Pool Status table by the 24 Hours Actual column and just pick the highest earning algorithm? Any other tips I should consider?

To get your rigs current estimated earnings, you have to multiply Current Estimates by your rig hashrate for that specific algo.

I want to get paid more often so I’m thinking about switching to LTC for payouts. Is there any issue with paying out to LTC that makes it better to payout to BTC? I’m thinking maybe fees will be higher?

Fees are usually lower on other than BTC networks

I have balance amount in my payout wallet, but want to get payment in another / my new wallet address. Is that possible?

We are here to protect everyone. Miners wallet address is public wallet address, with no owner's ID / proof-of-ownership attached to it.
That's why for security concerns, we cannot do that. You need to use your current wallet address to receive your current balance payout, and you can use your new address to start a new mining in Zergpool.

Why am I getting this message on my wallet stats: 'Warning: We are short of this currency in amount of xxxx at pool. Please switch to another payout currency until we find more blocks.'?

For non guaranteed payments, pool pays out from found blocks at pool. You can get this warnings if payout coin you selected was less popular lately, hence pool is short of this for your payment. Recommendation is to switch to guaranteed or other payout coin until more blocks are found.
There are two things you could do in this situation :
1. Please be patient and wait for pool to find enough amount to pay you.
You could choose either : stop your mining to this coin, OR, continue mining to this coin while being aware of this shortage situation.
2. If you choose to stop mining to this coin, you could start new mining to your another *guaranteed* payout currency wallet address.
By doing this, you could keep making profit from your rig(s) and continue to get paid in guaranteed payout coin.
As for your still-lacking payout coin from previous mining, you will still get paid when pool has found enough amount of that coin.

Would there be any problem if I use exchanges (such as coinbase, gdax, etc.) wallet as my payout address?

As our payment schedule is once per 4 hours, it should be okay to mint directly to exchange addresses.
However we recommend you to cross check this with respective exchange support and better use your own local wallet address

In the profitability calculation of an algo, do you include all coins in it, or only the most profitable coin?

Profitability is based on currently mined coins in algo. In theory, it should be always the number one. In reality, it changes as hashes travel from coin to coin.

Is there a way to set higher payout threshold than pool default?

You could use your miner’s *password field* option to set personalized payment thresholds.
Set "-p c=,pl="
For example : -p c=BTC,pl=0.1 (specify that your BTC balance will be included in payment schedule each time it reaches 0.1 BTC).
Attention: Personalized payment threshold level *can be only higher* than pool default.
If you want to reset it, just specify “pl=0”.
You can check your setting at your wallet address web page.

Should I mine here when I’ve go 1 or 2 cards?

Of course, payout threshold is very low, so reaching it will not take long if you use payout wallet other than BTC for payout(e.g. LTC, DOGE).

How to set a worker name for miner?

To set a worker name you will need to use the password field, example -p ID=MY_WORKER_NAME,c=BTC -p Rig001,c=BTC

Can you explain to me what exactly party mining is?

'Party' mining is when you and several other miners are joining hash power together to mine a certain algo/coin.
Reward of blocks found by this 'party', will be distributed by pool automatically among members; based on hash power of each member.
So instead of sharing blocks reward with all other miners at the pool, you will only sharing profit within members of the party.

To create a party: Add "m=party." + in your miner's password parameter/option.
For example : if you and several other miners want to use "12345" as your party password, then put "c=BTC,m=party.12345" as a password parameter.
(As a note: each member could still choose his/her own payout coin by specifying his/her own coin_symbol in "c=" option.)

So every miner that uses the same party_password in mining that specific algo/coin, would be a member of the same party.
Of course, you would sharing your party_password among members only, so other 'un-invited' miners won't be able to join.

Why ETH payout threshold is higher than other coins and may change over time?

Would like to give a short explanation why ETH payout threshold varies at pool. ETH networks fees are fluctuating, sometimes making tx cost very high, in order make transaction worthwhile(e.g. tx amount is higher than fee) we are raising payment threshold automatically.
Once network activity calms down, network tx fees reduce, threshold is also getting back to regular level.
The same is applied to BTC, as similar issue is typical for this coin. Here might skip one 4h frequent payment round to collect more candidate for payout to justify tx fee.
Rest like LTC, DASH are just ok, never seen fee being so high there, so threshold levels almost never change
Hope this explains logic and behaviour a bit

Why does sometimes my wallet estimated earnings drop and then come back up (1 & 2)? Q. What is dip visible at the top of graph (3)?

1 & 2: This is caused by regular database maintenance. Don't worry, your earnings are safe.
3: During coins’ maturing and/or waiting for exchange, the exchange prices can fluctuate. This is example of sudden price drop on exchange.